Happy Fitness Trails

Yay! The glorious Spring weather is in its full swing. The wind is relaxes into its invisible undulations, making the branches heavy with leaves and flowers dance from side to side. I took a step outside, anticipating a deceptively sunny day with a bone-chilling breeze. Instead, I was hit with SUNSHINE! If you know me, you know I’m singing part of that sentence… just another way to express my happiness.

I decided then to finally venture through the fitness trail that was just minutes away from my apartment. This beautiful day begs for a fun outdoors workout!

The fitness trail started suddenly in a middle of a suburb. A friendly sign lets you know that the fitness/bike trail leads to the local park. The welcoming reception to the trail got me going. Although I am not a big fan of jogging, I couldn’t help but briskly jog to the first station. It was dedicated to push-ups! Yes, let’s get to the good stuff right away!

Push up barsThere were two bars sticking out of the ground, one a little lower than the other. Next to them was a sign, one of many that would be waiting for me. It showed the various types of exercises I could perform on the bars, as well as the number of reps for beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. I heeded the reps rule and performed 10 of each type of pushup. Not easy, especially since I was on the bar that was highest up from the ground. I was going fast with the pushups; in the future I’d like to go slower so I can make sure I’m maintaining my form. When I was done with the pushups I jogged to the next station.

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